REJURAN Cosmetics


c-PDRN is a specific standards of DNA fraction extracted from salmon by using patented technology, DOT. It is a skin improvement activator and skin turn-over ingredients that transform damaged or aged skin to young and healthy skin by providing skin elasticity and strengthen skin barrier.


REJURAN Concentrate 30ml

Wrinkle improvement functionality

C-PDRN 0.4% + Organic ingredients 88%


Restore skin ‘Turn-over’ cycle Rejuvenating & Vital Energy Booster


It is a ‘intensive skin improvement ample’ containing a high concentration of c-PDRN®, a skin- promoting ingredients, to increase the collagen production on the damaged skin area and strengthen the skin barrier to restore the broken skin turn-over cycle


How to use

Dab a small amount and gently sweep morning and evening after cleansing


REJURAN Moisturizer 40ml

Wrinkle improvement functionality

C-PDRN 0.2% + Organic ingredients 84%


The ideal balance of oil and moisture of skin Rejuvenating Hydration protector


It is a ‘balancing and moisturizing solution’ containing c-PDRN which create external layers of the skin that prevent loss of moisture and balances oil and moisture to ensure intense and continuous hydration, thereby providing clear and radiant


How to use

After using REJURAN® Concentrate, pump the appropriate amount and apply to overall face evenly

REJURAN Eye Gel 15ml

Wrinkle improvement functionality

C-PDRN 0.2% + Organic ingredients 95%


Intensive care for eye wrinkles Eye Wrinkle Rejuvenator


It is a ‘special eye healing care solution’. c-PDRN® and adenosine strengthen the elasticity of the wrinkled and dulled eye area and protect the eyes area with hypoallergenic base using USDA certified ingredients providing smooth and bright eyes area


How to use

Using your ring finger, gently circles around your eye area and massage to absorb

REJURAN Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml

UV light blocking functionality

C-PDRN 0.2% + Organic ingredients 66%


Protects skin from external stimuli Rejuvenating & Moisturizing UV Protector


It is a ‘low stimulation sun protector’ preventing skin damage by protecting skin from broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and using c-PDRN® and USDA approved organic ingredients to be used even for sensitive skin type.


How to use

Apply overall face and neck area evenly before go out. Reapply throughout the day as needed especially during prolonged sun exposure

REJURAN Healing Cream 50ml

Wrinkle improvement functionality

C-PDRN 0.2% + Organic ingredients 86%


Rich nutrition and special care for moisturizing Intensive Repair Activator


It is an ‘essential healing cream’ that strengthen the skin barrier by its main ingredients, c-PDRN® and creates a firm and vibrant skin using patented ‘Pure Organic Nourishing Complex’ provides a rich and nutritious supply to tired and damaged skin


How to use

Gently apply and massage to absorb as the last stop of skin care routine

REJURAN Healing Mask 40ml x 5 Sheets

Improves skin wrinkles and whitening
C-PDRN 0.2%


Intensively cares the skin with c-PDRN’s powerful skin-promoting ability, the soothing effects of Centilla callus extracts and nutritional ingredients such as vegetable collagen

Certified dual functionality whitening and wrinkle improvement provide skin elasticity and fresher and healthier skin. Moreover, soft touch from microfiber fabric makes mask can be closely attached to the sensitive skin without stimulation and effectively deliver ingredients such as nutritional ingredients needed for skin to provide healthy and moist skin.


How to use
1. Cleanse and tone the skin with toner morning and evening.
2. Remove the mask from the pouch and place on your face.
3. Leave the mask on for 10~20 minutes for the best results. Remove the mask and gently massage excess essence into the skin.