*For qualified practitioners only


Effect – Promote favourable production of ECM proteins

Rejuran provide favourable hydrated physiological environment for secretion of collagenic and non-collagenic proteins

Effects – Thickening of skin layer


4weeks after treatment of REJURAN, epidermis and dermis is thickened by promotion of skin cell growth compare with HA and control group.

Effects – Elasticity improvement


As a part of aging and stimulus, skin droops and elasticity decreases by reduction of skin elastic fibers. REJURAN helps to recover skin elasticity through the regeneration of inner skin.

Effects – Elasticity & hydration improvement


Patients evaluation before and after one month treatment.

Evaluation of REJURAN for skin lifting


Moire photography & angle analysis

Evaluation of REJURAN for brightness improvement


VISIA-CR photography / analysis

Evaluation of REJURAN for skin thickness


Measurement of skin thickness (Skin scanner photography and analysis)

*For qualified practitioners only