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That they should lie there is interesting, because that place is close to one known in man to be associated with management of the movements concerned in speech. The drug management is becoming increasingly complex with the recent Advent of new medication. After graduating at Hamilton College in 1818, he assumed the management of the vast estate of his father, Peter Smith (1768-1837), long a partner of John Jacob Astor, and greatly increased the family fortune. They gave employment to a body of conversi and labourers under the management of a monk, who bore the title of Brother Hospitaller - the granges, like their parent institutions, affording shelter and hospitality to belated travellers. The purpose of the change was to subject all the independent tribes from Chitral to the Gomal Pass to the control of a single hand, and to ensure a firm and continuous policy in their management. Then he went over my head—put in a request to senior management. District councils may, and if required by the Local Government Board, must provide mortuaries, and they may make by-laws with Mortu r respect to the management and charges for the use of the same. The expenses of highway management in each district (or parish), together with a proportion of the general expenses of the act, are levied by the trustees by an assessment on the lands and heritages within the district (or parish). Before undertaking the management of a modern apiary, the bee-keeper should possess a certain amount of aptitude for the pursuit, without which it is hardly possible to succeed. His unskilful and unlucky management of the sea expedition to Ferrol and the Azores in no way lowered his popularity with the people, but undoubtedly weakened his influence with the queen. Examples of 'management' in a sentence management. A district council may from time to time make regulations with respect to summoning, notice, place, management and adjournment of their meetings, and generally with respect to the B n s transaction and management of their business. and his cousin, the cardinal Giulio de' Medici, were much perplexed about the management of the republic. Management definition is - the act or art of managing : the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business). Looking at the Corpus of Contemporary American English, I can find 931 sentences containing management is, and 180 sentences containing management are; in the British National Corpus there are 428 sentences … from Indianapolis, in 1907), and a Women's prison (opened in 1873, the first in the United States), which is under female management. Under this management the produce seems to have been three times the seed; and yet, says the writer, " if in East Lothian they did not leave a higher stubble than in other places of the kingdom, their grounds would be in a much worse condition than at present they are, though bad enough.". The standardized operational bindings do not have to be established via the Operational Binding management protocol (the DOP ). In 1582 after the execution of Father Campion he withdrew to Dethick, and attaining his majority occupied himself for a short time with the management of his estates. First, we need to decide whether it can move beyond the role of passive recipient of management information to exert active influence over company policy. An output of the project will be the identification of key elements of organizational structure and management that could facilitate adaptation. This is represented commonly as a revolt, but as IIomran was a client of Othman, and remained in favour with the Omayyads, it is almost certain that he took the management of affairs only to maintain order. The board of supervisors, consisting of not more than seven members, elected for a term of three years, has the care of county property and the management of county business, including highways and bridges; it fixes the rate of county taxes within prescribed limits, and levies the taxes for state and county purposes. The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland was founded in 1780, and has the management of a large national antiquarian museum in Edinburgh. . Few candidates had received any training in management. The management of the bank and the supervision exercised over it by the state are established on a footing of equality, both states having each the same influence. It was largely due to his tact and good management, in concert with Lord Pauncefote, the British:ambassador, that negotiations for abrogating the ClaytonBulwer Treaty and for making a new treaty with Great Britain regarding the Isthmian Canal were successfully concluded at the end of 1901; subsequently he negotiated treaties with Colombia and with Panama, looking towards the construction by the United States of a trans-isthmian canal. Is the report going to be an attestation report on internal controls or an attestation report on internal controls or an attestation report on management's assertion? | (uncountable) Judicious use of means to accomplish an end. achieved through pan-London partnerships, support programs and expert management. In neither case had the vestry powers of town management. bookshelf of anyone really interested in planting for wildlife, conservation or landscape management. ‘A strong focus should be placed by marketing departments on relationship management.’ ‘Companies that can effectively manage, measure, and reward for mastering the fundamentals of relationship management will build an organization that will succeed financially in the short term and build lasting shareholder value in the long term.’ bowing tibia toddler with café au lait spot Discussion on NF1 and management pseudoarthrosis tibia Clinical photograph adolescent pes planus. Women (since 1898) may vote for school officers and members of library boards, and are eligible for election to any office pertaining to the management of schools or libraries. How to use management in a sentence. The management of the furnaces is relatively easy, and consists in adapting the volume and intensity of the fires to particular needs. Here are some examples. As the naval force of the enemy was completely driven into port, the British admiral had no opportunity of an action at sea, but his management of the convoy carrying the troops, and of the landing at Aboukir, was greatly admired. As a rule, there is one gaol in each district, under the management of the civil surgeon. In 1833 Ferdinand de Lesseps was sent as consul to Cairo, and soon afterwards given the management of the consulategeneral at Alexandria, a post that he held until 1837. Washington has three state normal schools: one at Cheney, one at Bellingham, and one at Ellensburg, and each of them is under the management of a board of three trustees appointed by the governor with the concurrence of the Senate for a term of six years, one every two years. I have ten years' experience at senior, 15. Mental rehearsal is often useful as a stress management / inoculation technique. management involves authority (the right to direct actions) and responsibility (accountability for actions). Early in 1893 a scandal arose in connection with the management of state banks, and particularly of the Banca Romana, whose managing director, Tanlongo, had issued 2,500,000 of duplicate bank-notes. The educational institutions of the state are all under the management of a board of regents of five members, who are appointed by the governor, with the approval of the senate for terms of six years. The whole responsibility for the payment of the remainder of the interest, amounting annually to over a hundred million gulden, and the management of the debt, was left to the Austrians. Great care is necessary to prevent the heaps from becoming too hot, in which case the clay becomes baked into hard lumps of brick-like material which cannot be broken up. And Nicholas' management produced very brilliant results. She recently changed management companies to Gaylord Sports, dropping International Management Group. In 1763 he was called back to Dusseldorf, and in the following year he married and took over the management of his father's business. We also include just assured, a risk management and business assurance consultancy providing services to small housing organizations across the country. Although a large part of the people disliked the idea of a conflict with the church, an alliance with Florence's old enemy Bernabo Visconti was made, war declared, and a balia of 8, the Otto della guerra (afterwards called the "Eight Saints" on account of their good management) was created to carry on the campaign. The facts that the outlays averaged less than 47% of the gross income, and that accidents and irregularities are not numerous, prove that Japanese management in this kind of enterprise is efficient. In 1893 the Board of Agriculture took over the management, and Table XXIV. She remained there six months, learning every detail of hospital management with a thoroughness rarely equalled. stress management in a sentence - Use "stress management" in a sentence 1. For accounts of the building and the management of the railway, see J. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. They do not represent the opinions of Water supply, transport and lighting have become public services, requiring careful financial management, and still retaining traces of their earlier private character. Demesne of the crown, or royal demesne, was that part of the crown lands not granted out to feudal tenants, but which remained under the management of stewards appointed by the crown. Furthermore, a recent survey by Institute of Leadership & Management, revealed that management speak is used in almost two thirds (64%) of offices, with nearly a quarter (23%) considering it … Under the emperors the senate continued to have at least the nominal management of the aerarium, while the emperor had a separate exchequer, called fiscus. It was endowed by Dr Francis Andrews, provost of Trinity College, was erected in 1785, and in 1791 was placed by statute under the management of the royal astronomer of Ireland, whose official residence is here. (personnel) " That's a management decision. " A speech made by Lasker on the 7th of February 1873, in which he attacked the management of the Pomeranian railway, caused a great sensation, and his exposure of the financial mismanagement brought about the fall of Hermann Wagener, one of Bismarck's most trusted assistants. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. It also works coal-fields at Yentai and Fushun; has a line of steamers plying between Tairen and Shanghai; and engages in enterprises of electricity, warehousing and the management of houses and lands within zones 50 Ii (17 m.) wide on either side of the line. These are entirely under state management. The treatise on husbandry of Walter of Henley, dating from the early 13th century, is very valuable as describing the management of the demesne under the twoor three-field system. Port Jervis was laid out in 1826, soon after work began on the Delaware && Hudson Canal; it owes its origin to that waterway (now abandoned), and was named in honour of John Bloomfield Jervis (1795-1885), the engineer who constructed the canal, who, in 1836, was in charge of the construction of the Croton Aqueduct, and wrote Railway Proper"), (18J9) and The Construction and Management of Railways (1861). 2248315 I'm with management. adaptations of organisms, Food webs, Energy flow, Coastal management. Another word for management. The role will involve extensive interaction with buy and sell-side analysts and investors as well as senior management and the internal Corporate Affairs department. It was in the management of pleurisies that the aid of surgical means first became eminent in inward disease. In June 1623, however, New Netherland was formally erected into a province and the management of its affairs assigned to the Chamber of Amsterdam, which in March 1624 despatched the " New Netherland," with the first permanent colonists (thirty families mostly Walloon), under Cornelis Jacobsen Mey, the first governor or director of the colony. Where there were one bishop and a number of presbyters and deacons in a church, the presbyters constituted the bishop's council, and the deacons his assistants in the management of the finances and charities and in the conduct of the services. He compared the results of his theory with experimental determinations of the ranges of mortars and cannon, and gave practical maxims for the management of artillery. the borrowing of money; (iii.) Their career of conquest, and their new policy of forming Italian alliances and entering into the management of Italian affairs were confirmed by the long dogeship of Francesco Foscari (1423-1457), who must rank with Alfonso, Cosimo de Medici, Francesco Sforza and Nicholas V., as a joint-founder of confederated Italy. The management of that enterprise, however, was a difficult one, and cost Villehardouin another embassy into Italy to prevent if possible some of his fellow-pilgrims from breaking the treaty with the Venetians by embarking at other ports and employing other convoy. He continued successfully in the management of this business through a financial crisis incident to a wildly speculative time, until in the spring of 1857 the house, by his advice, withdrew from Californian affairs. It was threatened with total disafforestation, when under the Epping Forest Act of 1871 a board of commissioners was appointed for the better management of the lands. To prevent the gradual destruction of the forests by unskilful management and depredations, schools of forestry have been founded, and means have been taken for regulating the cutting of wood and for replanting districts that have been partially denuded. In Jamaica the planters, who had sullenly accepted the abolition of slavery, were irritated by the passage of an act of parliament intended to remedy some grave abuses in the management of the prisons of the island. The NOAD reports that management, when used to mean "the people in charge of running a company or organization, regarded collectively," is treated as singular or plural.. The management of the road under his control, and especially the sale of $5,000,000 of fraudulent stock in 1868-1870, led to litigation begun by English bondholders, and Gould was forced out of the company in March 1872 and compelled to restore securities valued at about $7,500, 0 00. the passing of the accounts of, and the discharge of the county treasurer; (iv.) All these varieties were represented at the annual show of the Kennel Club in the autumn of 1905, and at the representative exhibition of America held under the management of the Westminster Kennel Club in the following spring the classification was substantially the same, additional breeds, however, being Boston terriers - practically unknown in England, - Chesapeake Bay dogs, Chihuahuas, Papillons and Roseneath terriers. A general state law enacted in 1904 placed the management of school affairs in the hands of an elective council of seven members, five chosen at large and two by districts. 178. 174. Each of these is under the management of a board appointed by the governor subject to the confirmation of the senate. Always in pecuniary straits through his extravagance, he pursued a foreign policy which would have been expensive under the most careful management. Most have been sent in by email, so the collection of project management proverbs continues to grow. The counties have been divided into municipal townships, each of which elects a trustee, a clerk and a treasurer, who together constitute a board of directors for the management of township affairs. He worked in a middle management job at the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in London's docklands. From Kaiserswerth she went to Paris, where she studied the system of nursing and management in the hospitals under the charge of the sisters of St Vincent de Paul. Besides the sugar-refinery already mentioned, there were in Ig00 four tobacco factories, a national printing-press, an annular furnace for brick-burning, an iron-foundry and several blast-furnaces, under the management of the state. The earliness of the feed, its quantity and its quality will all depend in very great measure Manage - upon the proper management of the irrigation. All Rights Reserved. The success of the operation chiefly depends upon the proper management of the cooler. 4. Risk review management responsibilities are paramount to the boards of financial institutions. Saxony established a penitentiary at Zwickau in 1850 and in its earlier management exhibited exaggerated kindness to its inmates. The committee of management consists of thirty-six laymen, six of them being foreigners resident in or near. Garrick practically ceased to act in 1766, but he continued the management of Drury Lane, and in 1769 organized the Shakespeare celebrations at Stratford-on-Avon, an undertaking which ended in dismal failure, though he composed an " Ode upon dedicating a building and erecting a Statue to Shakespeare " on the occasion. 1 seq. Katkov, he entered in 1877 the service of the Odessa State railway, and so distinguished himself in the transport operations necessitated by the Turkish campaign of 18 771878, that he was soon afterwards appointed general traffic manager of the South-Western railway of Russia and member of an Imperial commission which had to study the whole question of railway construction and management throughout the empire. Moreover, he ordered that "no officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions or election campaigns," and that "no assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed"; and he removed from their offices the heads of the post-office in St Louis and of the customhouse in New York - influential party managers - on the ground that they had misused their official positions for partisan ends. In early life he had little time for politics, but after 1880 he became prominent in the affairs of the Republican party in Cleveland, and in 1884 and 1888 was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, in the latter year being associated with William McKinley in the management of the John Sherman canvass. Cover Letter Builder Write a cover letter that convinces employers you’re the best. In the sentence you read, does any one word have more than on meaning? John Jay's son, William Jay (1789-1858), was born in New York City on the 16th of June 1789, graduated from Yale in 1807, and soon afterwards assumed the management of his father's large estate in Westchester county, N.Y. There is less doubt respecting the Reules Seynt Robert, a tract giving advice for the management of the household of the countess of Lincoln. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Management" in Example Sentences Page 1. Among other duties, the corporation has a share in the management of the university, and maintains the Calton Hill observatory. Management in a sentence. He then undertook the management of his father's factory in Newcastle, and greatly aided him in the improvement of the locomotives. The management, in turn, are likely to give a downbeat view of future business prospects. Closely associated with it also, and under the management of the university trustees, is the New York State School of Clay-Working and Ceramics (1900), one of the most efficient schools of the kind in the country. But due to lack of policies for proper water management the irrigation system is too poor. 'Empowerment' is the new buzz-word in enlightened. It was not long, however, before the allies displayed their intention of keeping the management of affairs entirely in their own hands. As a manager, though he committed some grievous blunders, he did good service to the theatre and signally advanced the popularity of Shakespeare's plays, of which not less than twenty-four were produced at Drury Lane under his management. But in the meantime Colonel Monson had died, and Hastings was thus restored, by virtue of his casting vote, to the supreme management of affairs. In the management of artificial heat for this purpose, a considerable degree of caution is required. Examples of time management skills include: prioritizing, organization, delegation, strategic planning, and problem solving. NHS Trusts face several statutory obligations, including delivery of financial break-even, management of cash flow, and management of assets. Management definition: Management is the control and organizing of a business or other organization. 87 examples: Has all the architectural effort and the change management made the business… The management became a question of party politics, and during the Civil War its funds were used to advance the Confederate cause. See the managerial skills you really need, and how to prove management skills on a resume/interview to get the job. In many of the state parliaments resolutions were carried protesting against the system of imperial railways, and from that time the preservation of the local railway management has been the chief object towards which, in Saxony, Bavaria and Wurttemberg, local feeling has been directed. Society thus becomes sole proprietor, intrusting to social groups and social functionaries the management of the various properties. Jonathan had band practice with his friends and Alex was in his recliner, reading a letter from a wildlife management area in Colorado. The management of the Prussian railway system is committed to the charge of twenty directions, into which the whole network of lines is divided, being those of Altona, Berlin, Breslau, Bromberg, Danzig, Elberfeld, Erfurt, Essen ad. The management of Scottish business in parliament has since 1885 been under the charge of the secretary for Scotland.1. With the formation of the empire the conflict was transferred from Baden to Prussia, where there had been for thirty years absolute peace, a peace gained, indeed, by allowing to the Catholics complete freedom; the Prussian constitution ensured them absolute liberty in the management of ecclesiastical affairs; in the ministry for religion and education there was a separate department for Catholic affairs, and (owing to the influence of the great family of the Radziwills) they enjoyed considerable power at court. The assembly of notables claimed the right of voting the budget, and thus came into conflict with the foreign controllers who had been appointed to guard the interests of the bondholders in the management of the Egyptian finances. It would be practically impossible for a line thus used by different carriers to be operated either with safety, or with economy, or with the advantage to the public which a centralized management affords. The client/server architecture gives organizations the opportunity to deploy specialized servers which are optimized for handling specific data management problems. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. bridges and roads repairable with bridges, and any powers vested by the Highways and Locomotives Amendment Act 1878 in the county authority. CK 49095 The firm is under foreign management. The school flourished under his management and also developed his administrative abilities, but gradually his thoughts began to turn towards other work. After the opening of certain Korean ports to foreign trade, the customs were placed under the management of European commissioners nominated by Sir Robert Hart from Peking. One of the most important branches of colliery work is the management of the ventilation, involving as it does the supply of fresh air to the men working in the pit, as well as the removal of inflammable gases that may be given off by the coal. or in a title of a book However I think the concept of management ie. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Other psychological techniques used by sports psychologists include relaxation and stress management. By the management of the princewho later in the reign was known as the prince consortthe great ladies of the household voluntarily tendered their resignations; and every obstacle to the formation of the new government was in this way removed. The Maryland Agricultural College, to which an experiment station has been added, was opened in 1859; it is at College Park in Prince George's county, and is largely under state management. When, therefore, the battle which Keppel fought with the French on the 27th of July 1778 ended in a highly unsatisfactory manner, owing mainly to his own unintelligent management, but partly through the failure of Sir Hugh Palliser to obey orders, he became convinced that he had been deliberately betrayed. The choice of her daughter as wife of the future tsar was the result of not a little diplomatic management in which Frederick the Great took an active part, the object being to strengthen the friendship between Prussia and Russia, to weaken the influence of Austria and to ruin the chancellor Bestuzhev, on whom Elizabeth relied, and who was a known partisan of the Austrian alliance. Each school district elects one member of the county board of education, and in counties having less than five school districts one or more members of the county board, the number of which is always five, besides the county superintendent who is ex officio its secretary, are elected by the county at large, and to this county board of education together with district advisory boards is entrusted the management and control of the common schools. There is, however, strong opposition, especially in South Germany, and most of the states cling to the separate management of their own lines. John Wilkinson and John Story of Westmorland, together with William Rogers of Bristol, raised a party against Fox concerning the management of the affairs of the society, regarding with suspicion any fixed arrangement for meetings for conducting church business, and in fact hardly finding a place for such meetings at all. the establishment and maintenance of, and the contribution to, reformatory and industrial schools; (viii.) Classroom management is an important part of teaching students since real learning can’t take place in an unruly classroom. In June 1597 he was consecrated bishop of London; and from this time, in consequence of the age and incapacity for business of Archbishop Whitgift, he was virtually invested with the power of primate, and had the sole management of ecclesiastical affairs. Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Because there are so many moving parts within an organization, the sales management process needs to be fully grasped to ensure each “aspect” of the collective sales effort is operating efficiently.. 82 examples: This would create a desire to change the musical structure unexpectedly, and so… Don't start anything without a clear directive from, 17. CK 1 3264714 We're under new management. Since organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. The managementof depression has advanced greatly with the development of antidepressant agents based on neurotransmitter reuptake inhibition. 0. This concession of form having been made to the Magyars without the knowledge of the Austrian government, Prince Konrad Hohenlohe, the Austrian premier, resigned office; and his successor, Baron Beck, eventually (July 6) withdrew from the table of the Reichsrath the whole Szell-Korber compact, declaring that the only remaining economic ties between the two countries were freedom of trade, the commercial treaties with foreign countries, the joint state bank and the management of excise. Posts, telegraphs and telephones are exclusively under state management and form a government department. They provide advanced, vocational qualifications in heritage management and industrial archeology for those who wish to enter these sectors. At the same time steps were being taken to give them a much greater part in the management of local affairs. CRD summary This review assessed elective endovascular aneurysm repair in the management of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms. 0. the provision, enlargement, maintenance and management and visitation of, and other dealing with, asylums for pauper lunatics; (vii.) Complex projects can be carried out on multiple continents through project management tools. The school had languished since the death of its founder and first head, Martin Planta (1727-1772), and von Salis hoped to revive it by reconstituting it as a "Philanthropin" under Bahrdt's management. From 1813 the popular representatives had some share in the management of the finances. I provide bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, accounts, personal and business tax and a tad of management accounting. management accountancy qualifications are also recognized around the world, which further broadens your horizons. You may think you can outsmart the management team by inviting competitive bids from trade buyers. They perambulated the country inspecting the prisons; they issued lengthy interrogatories to prison officials; they published periodical reports giving the result of their inquiries, with their views on the true principles of prison management, and much sound advice, accompanied by elaborate plans on the subject of prison construction. Find more ways to say management, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sir Henry's actual words,which undoubtedly influenced the Irish vote, were that he "desired to see the effective management of Irish affairs in the hands of a representative Irish assembly. The management of the channel and navigation is now vested in a central commission, meeting at Mannheim on the 1st of July in each year. Problem Solving. The Spanish ships were outnumbered chiefly because the convoy had become scattered by bad management and bad seamanship. management accountants are involved at every level within organizations across the globe. At the close of the Peloponnesian War the Spartans gave to the people of Delos the management of their own affairs; but the Athenian predominance was soon after restored, and survived an appeal to the amphictyony of Delphi in 345 B.C. This was hardly done, however, before the panic of 1837 wiped out a large portion of the banks' assets; next came revelations of grossly careless and even of corrupt management, and in 1843 the banks were placed in liquidation. The charitable institutions of the state are under the management of local trustees appointed by the governor. With careful management, however, the clay dries and bakes, becoming slowly converted into lumps which readily crumble into a fine powder, in which state it is spread over and worked into the land at the rate of 40 loads per acre. The Oberkirchenrat retains 87 1,763 the right of supreme management. The company went bankrupt because of its poor, 11. ‘General management of the arthritic process is important, with physiotherapy to prevent joint contracture.’ ‘State level officers were also trained in management and financial processes.’ ‘If party managers had been looking to conventions as a process of crowd management it was soon clear that it was not such a simple matter.’ Alan also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management. Under these acts their management is entrusted to the commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, who have certain statutory powers as to leasing, selling, exchanging, &c. The Metropolis Management Act of 1855 established (outside the city) two classes of parishes - the first class with vestries of their own, the second class grouped under district boards elected by the component vestries; and the Metropolitan Board of Works (abolished in 1888), elected by the vestries and the district boards, was made the central authority. 2. The ex-president invested in it all his available property, but paid no attention to the management of the business. More noteworthy than its management of internal affairs were the efforts of the Minghetti cabinet to strengthen and consolidate national defence. RESPONSIBILITIES. Since 1869 they continued to exist only as voluntary associations with no public duties; many had been dissolved, and this is said to have brought about bad results in the management of lodging-houses, the condition of apprentices, support during illness, and the maintenance of labor bureaus. His management of the affairs of his department was, however, very successful; he confirmed and maintained the alliance with Germany, which had been formed by his predecessors, and cooperated with Bismarck in the arrangements by which Italy joined the alliance. In 1746-1747 he fulfilled a short engagement with Rich at Covent Garden, his last series of performances under a management not his own. 19 a planted and used as well in the said colonies as also as much as might be among the savages bordering among them "; and the honoured names of Nicolas Ferrar, John Ferrar, John Donne and Sir John Sandys, a pupil of Hooker, are all found on the council by which the home management of the colony was conducted. Most noticeable among these doctrines is the complete system of angelology consistently followed out in the Book of Daniel, according to which the management of human affairs is entrusted to a regular hierarchy of commanding angels, two of whom, Gabriel and Michael, are even mentioned by name. He is a firm believer in total quality, 7. In 1890 elected members had been admitted to this board, but at the end of 1897 an elective stadsraad (town council) was constituted, though its functions were strictly limited. The Parsees are much more liberal in their treatment of women than any other Asiatic race; they allow them to appear freely in public, and leave them the entire management of household affairs. Though the materials are simpler, the need for a well-prepared budget is existent in the case of the city, county or department, if there is to be clear and accurate financial management. 4. In 1839, after his mother's death, he undertook, with his brother, the management of the family estates in Pomerania; at this time most of the estate attached to Schonhausen had to be sold. 1. He was also one of the grantees of the province of Carolina and took a leading part in its management; it was at his request that Locke in 1669 drew up a constitution for the new colony. She also works closely with the Student Study Support Unit to organize workshops on stress management, exam anxiety, assertiveness and confidence building. Key management refers to management of cryptographic keys in a cryptosystem.This includes dealing with the generation, exchange, storage, use, crypto-shredding (destruction) and replacement of keys. The supervisor is also the township assessor, and the several township supervisors constitute the county board of supervisors who equalize property valuations as between townships, authorize townships to borrow money with which to build or repair bridges, are entrusted with the care and management of the property and business of the county, and may borrow or raise by tax what is necessary to meet the more common expenses of the county. These recommendations embody the principle upon which the management of the state forests is based. Trained in a school where the principles of responsible government were still in an embryonic state, where the adroit management of coalitions and cabals was essential to the life of a political party, and where plots and counterplots were looked upon as a regular part of the political game, he acquired a dexterity and skill in managing men that finally gave him an almost autocratic power among his political followers. Since then the most important change in Baluch administration has been the perpetual lease and transfer of management to British agency of the Nushki district and Niabat, with all rights, jurisdiction and administrative power, in lieu of a perpetual rent of Rs.9000 per annum. Most have been sent in by email, so the collection of project management proverbs continues to grow. Alignment Alignment of goals and strategy at the organization, department, team and individual contributor levels. Prudent management under this system has placed the city in the highest rank financially. Lord Derby became a Liberal Unionist, and took an active part in the general management of that party, leading it in the House of Lords till 1891, when Lord Hartington became duke of Devonshire. From 1885-1886 onwards, outlay on public works, military and colonial expenditure, and especially the commercial and financial crises, contributed to produce annual deficits; but owing to drastic reforms introduced in 1894-1895 and to careful management the year 1898-1899 marked a return of surpluses (nearly 1,306,400). A realization that the continuation of independent and rival corporations retarded growth eventually led to a compromise by which the two were united as two wards of the same village in 1839, the autonomy of each being still recognized by an odd arrangement whereby each maintained practically independent management of its finances and affairs. Management in a sentence 1. "have you asked Management about this?" Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. His integrity in the management of the museum was called in question, but a judicial investigation speedily cleared his honour, to the satisfaction even of his accusers. management. With his usual energy he set to work at once to reorganize the whole management. She belongs to the Chartered Institute of, 30. Before the change of administration a conference had been decided on, and Lord Palmerston entrusted its management to Lord John Russell. In 1823, however, a treaty was made establishing a fixed toll and a uniform system of management; this was further improved in 1856 and 1865; and when Prussia took possession of Hanover and Hesse-Nassau in 1866 the chief difficulties in the way of organizing the river-trade disappeared. The lay priests were divided into four classes that undertook the management of the temple in alternate months; their collective name was the hour-priesthood. Thus the railway and constabulary of both the ex-republics were under a single management. Accepted professions include legal, accountancy, management consultancy. bivalve fisheries, aquaculture, artificial reefs and fisheries data analysis and management. One matter connected with his management sometimes worried Nicholas, and that was his quick temper together with his old hussar habit of making free use of his fists. His versatility was shown in his organization of the Army Works Corps which served in the Crimea, his excellent capacity as a man of business in railway management, and his enterprising experiments in floriculture. Brossard spent five years at Accenture in its Change Management Services Division. He held a high place in the favour of King Alphonso V., who entrusted him with the management of important state affairs. It Progress of agricul- is probable that very little improvement had taken ture from place, either in the cultivation of the soil or in the 1688 to management of live stock, from the Restoration down 1760. The 10th of August uprooted his party, his paper and his friends, and the management of relatives who kept him out of the way in Normandy alone saved him from the massacre of September. Few candidates had received any training in, 2. This left the management of the business to the other three. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. In 1889 he was deposed from the management of Commonweal, and gradually lost all confidence in the movement as an active force. He is external assessor for the City University's MA in Museum & Gallery Management. The use of multiple-effect evaporation made it possible to raise the steam for all the work required to be done in a well-equipped factory, making crystals, under skilful management, by means of the bagasse alone proceeding from the. The Royal Free's management, of course, cannot be held blameless. The Education Act of 1872 abolished the old management of the parish schools and provided for the creation of districts (burgh, parish or group of parishes) under the control of school boards, of which there are 972 in Scotland, elected every three years by the ratepayers, male and female. Ad Interim Vacancies: Any office becoming vacant between ABMs shall be filled by an appointee of the Management Committee. It is difficult to compare the content management products available because of the widespread use of jargon, buzzwords, and marketing babble. The practical management of the royal stables and stud devolves on the chief or crown equerry, formerly called the gentleman of the horse, who is never in personal attendance on the sovereign and whose appointment is permanent. They took over the management of the Roman and Megalesian games, the care of the patrician temples and had the right of issuing edicts as superintendents of the markets. Performance management: providing the means to enhance competency and stimulate … Certain general remarks may be made on the efficient management of the zoological gardens. But in 1888 the Local Government Act, dealing with the area of the metropolis as a separate county, created the London County Council as the central administrative body, possessing not only the powers of an ordinary county council, but also extensive powers of town management, transferred to it from the abolished Board of Works. What is the management like? To him, in 745-746,the management of affairs in Khorasan was entrusted, with instructions to consult in all weighty matters the head of the mission, the Arab Suleiman b. These houses require careful management in early summer so as to induce the more delicate varieties of peaches and nectarines to complete and ripen their growth before cold, sunless weather sets in. One of the consequences of the persecutions of which he was the object was to oblige him to spend three years, from 1896 to 1899, in England, where his participation in the management of the Suez Canal had won for him some strong friendships, and where he was able to see the great respect in which the memory and name of his father were held by Englishmen. Only a single pathogenic species can withstand the short boiling to which milk is ordinarily treated in domestic management, and this is the anthrax bacillus containing spores.

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